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The Company Brief

Spectrum Network International intends to provide quality Professional Services in the most effective and efficient manner that grants clients’ satisfaction and enhances the company’s market leadership

Spectrum Mission

To Provide world class value-added services in corporate Risk Management Business Intelligence, General Investigation and Research Services.

Spectrum Vision

To enable our clients attain global prosperity through establishment of professional systems that mitigate risks and guarantee growth.

Spectrum Core Values

Diligence . Integrity . Honesty . Accountabilty

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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer satisfaction metrics assist with understanding exactly how happy (or unhappy) your customers are. Spectrum Network International has a professional team that will help you determine this. The end goal of a customer satisfaction survey is to get actionable customer feedback that you can use to improve the overall customer experience

We as Spectrum will analyse these feedbacks for you and propel you in creating an amazing customer experience.

Guidelines used to carry out the survey include:

  • Tip #1: Ask the right questions
    The perfect survey starts with knowing what you want to ask customers. Make sure keep the questions concise and each question has a strong purpose.

  • Tip #2: Add a personal touch and company branding
    You must send them to the right people, you must add a personal touch and you must use company branding.

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Spectrum Network International

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Cosolidated Bank House
Fourth Floor

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(+254) 20 222 3055/6

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