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The Company Brief

Spectrum Network International intends to provide quality Professional Services in the most effective and efficient manner that grants clients’ satisfaction and enhances the company’s market leadership

Spectrum Mission

To Provide world class value-added services in corporate Risk Management Business Intelligence, General Investigation and Research Services.

Spectrum Vision

To enable our clients attain global prosperity through establishment of professional systems that mitigate risks and guarantee growth.

Spectrum Core Values

Diligence . Integrity . Honesty . Accountabilty

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An optimal security concept must not be based on speculative fears, but on concrete facts.

Data Security is one of the most important aspect in an organization. This is the reason why Spectrum Network Internatoinal teamed up with EgoSecure to provide data protection service to her clients.

Data protection has to be done on computers, the web, in the cloud, on external storage media, on smart phones, tablets etc. Protection has to be implemented with minimal effort and costs, but nevertheless achieve a maximum level of security.


As a firm we want to give a solution that will help make the operations of your company to be as smooth as possible. Spectrum Network International partnered with TrueERP to provide a solution that will intergrate all of your business systems in to one easy to use solution.

TrueERP is an integrated system eliminating the need for separate applications for:

TrueERP System Modules
Financial Management, Sales Force Management, Inventory Management
Human Resource Management
Supply Chain Management, Point of Sale Systems
Customer Relationship Management
Asset Management, Warehouse Management

Building insurance

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from $49.00
Level of Protection: from $25.000 to $1.000.000
Grace Period: up to 30 days
Hotline Assistance: 24-Hour
Policy Modification: Online
Windows insured: Yes
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Campus Management Corp

Spectrum Network International has partnered with Campus Management Corp in the provision of CampusVue System -a permanent ICT solution in the efficient management of academic institutions.

The main mission of Campus Managment System is to provide robust, elegant and cost effective higher education systems ranging from colleges, universities to private institutions offering professional degrees and certifications. .

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