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Driving Business Performance

Spectrum market research is one of the largest custom market research companies in the world. Our goal is to offer a clear view of the dynamics for success in today’s complex and competitive marketplace. Through our custom quantitative and qualitative approaches, Spectrum Network International provides global brands with the most strategic and actionable guidance to deliver better business performance and growth.

Looking to grow your brand in the marketplace?

Our market research solutions

Optimize Brand Offerings

Identifying the right mix of price, features, and benefits to maximize customer demand—and determining how best to influence their purchase pathway—is critical to your brand’s success.

Spectrum Network International is experienced at optimizing brand offerings in order to take share from competitors and increase your brand’s market penetration. We are skilled at handling complex and critical issues in pricing, line extensions and product or service enhancements. Our advanced research methods give you a higher degree of clarity in decision-making and greater confidence in building a business case for supporting existing lines or expanding with new offerings or different market targets.

Once your brand is in market, Spectrum Network International can profile the purchase process to determine best how to promote your offerings, connect with key decision influencers, and leverage marketing resources that will maximize your impact with customers.

Spectrum Network International can solve your issues in optimizing product or service offerings through:

  • – Developing early stage concepts
  • – Strengthening product service offerings
  • – Guiding pricing strategies
  • – Forecasting performance in the market
  • – Optimizing lineup or portfolio
  • – Building optimal product or service bundles

Identify Differentiating Innovations

What features and benefits do customers see as missing in the market? Which ones are under delivered? Are there differentiating factors that your brand could leverage to drive involvement?

Taking a holistic look at the structure of your market from a buyer’s point of view can uncover brand opportunities in new and different ways. Spectrum Network International is adept at identifying clear paths to innovations—those that are compelling; those that are meaningfully differentiated.

To do so, we conduct a strategic assessment of your current competitive landscape. This enables you to identify which strengths to build on, what barriers to address and overcome, and where opportunity exists to extend and grow. Brands pursuing aggressive growth through innovative offerings rely on Spectrum Network International to guide the development of new products or services, and shape a powerful brand positioning among consumers.

Spectrum Network International helps identify innovations by:

  • – Evaluating your competitive landscape
  • – Understanding brand strengths, opportunities and barriers
  • – Isolating open or “white” space in your market
  • – Highlighting brand stretch or extension opportunities
  • – Leveraging your brand for maximum impact on the market

The result? Choosing the right innovations to motivate customer purchase.

Deliver Compelling Propositions

What’s the most relevant and motivating positioning for an existing or new brand? What communication strategies will draw in your key target audiences? How can your brand message cut through the clutter?

Every marketer today is challenged with developing compelling propositions that will maximize their position in the marketplace. We know that this challenge is met through a persuasive positioning, a results-oriented loyalty strategy, and highly relevant customer messaging.

Through our proven strategic approaches, Spectrum Network International can quantify your brand’s equity in the marketplace, and determine the best path to move ahead. We help minimize your development risk through a deeper understanding of your customers and their needs. Part of the Spectrum Network International approach is to recognize that customers use their hearts as well as their heads to make decisions. So we examine a brand’s imagery and personality, as well as its emotional benefits and rewards.

Spectrum Network International guides the development of compelling propositions by:

  • – Devising an optimal targeting or segmentation strategy
  • – Influencing the decision process to drive involvement with your brand
  • – Strengthen loyalty and engagement with your brand
  • – Identifying your most motivating brand characteristics to drive involvement
  • – Developing meaning and compelling messaging and communications platforms

The outcome? Greater customer relevance for increased share of wallet.

Qualitative Research

Category leaders partner with Spectrum Network International for custom qualitative approaches to uncover business-building insights in the areas of brand positioning, consumer behavior and consumer perceptions including:

  • – Concept Ideation
  • – Brand Imagery Studies
  • – Message and Claims Testing
  • – Copy Evaluation
  • – New Product Development
  • – Behavioral Observation
  • – Website/User Interface Evaluation
  • – Website Community Building Ideation

Our full range of advanced and standard qualitative services includes:

  • – Shopper research for more effective in-store marketing
  • – Innovation workshops for new product development
  • – Blog and social network research
  • – Heuristics to influence purchase decisions
  • – Semiotics to identify meaningful symbol messages
  • – Ethnography for real-time analysis
  • – Psychographics for deeper emotional positioning
  • – In-person and online focus groups
  • – In-depth customer interviews
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